School Directors and Board Members

Heather Poll - Director

Heather is one of the original founding members of Ascend and has been the Director for 3 years.   She loves interacting with the amazing students at Ascend and thoroughly enjoys working with our dynamic mentors.    Everyone has a role at Ascend and Heather has a gift at empowering others in fulfilling that role.  She loves working with the other Board Members and parent committes to bring about a truly unique educational experience for our students.

Val Poll - Finance and Coordinator with My Tech High 

Val is also one of the original founding membors and has loved interacting with like minded student, families and businesses that promote individualized learning options.   One of those businesses is My Tech High.   Ascend and My Tech High have had a positive long term relationship in bringing resources and in-person learning options to students and families in northern Utah.   Val assists in the admissions process and handles the finances for Ascend.


Jacquie Ostler - Board Member

Alexis Giles - Board Member