Ascend will consider 11-18 year old applicants (6th-12th grade)

Application Process:

  1. Fill out and submit the online School Inquiry Form
  2. You will receive an enrollment packet and we will contact you to schedule a personal interview
  3. Parents and students interview with an Ascend representative
  4. Within 2-4 weeks you will be notified of admission status

Among a number of criteria, the following guidelines may be used to determine whether Ascend is a good fit for the applicant:

  • Does the applicant believe in the concept of a personal mission?
  • Is the applicant's family committed to living the Leadership Education principles both at home and in the classroom?


The student will participate in one of two tracks, determined primarily by age, as well as by mutual agreement between the student, parents, and Ascend representatives. Several factors will be considered with the primary objective of providing the best environment for the readiness of the student.

There are multiple types of classes available: Liber Studies, Stand Alone, and Elective. The Liber Studies class includes a multi-year curriculum in English, History/Social Studies, Leadership, Science and Math. The stand alone classes are: Science, History, and Writing. Elective classes will be offered at times other than weekday mornings, and include Foreign Language and Art.

Tuition includes the enrollment fee for the corresponding class and mentor meetings: a minimum of one (1) every other week. It does not include books, supplies, or other expenses associated with occasional excursions (such as field trips) away from campus. Tuition does not include Elective class fees, which are determined on a class-by-class basis.

Annual Tuition Schedule (Two Semesters per Year)

Liber Studies (Mentoring, English, History, Math, Science) $4,000
Foundations Liber Studies (Mentoring, English, History, Math, Science)   $4,000

Stand Alone Classes:

Science - Biology, Veterinary Science, Human Anatomy, Chemistry   $500
History - US Government and the Constitution $375
Financial Literacy $350
Writing $500
English Literature $500
Leadership Entrepreneurship $350 


Art  $720 
Chinese  TBD
Robotics - There will be an additional fee for supplies   $250


Prepayment of tuition is required to attend classes. The due date is indicated in the school Calendar. A monthly payment option is available with an ACH contract - set up fees apply.

Refund Policy:

For returning students: Families and students are making a full year financial committment by attending Ascend. There will not be a tuition refund if a student does not complete the entire year for any reason.

For new students: We will refund 75% within the first 2 weeks of the start of school. No refund will be given after the first 2 weeks of school.