Full Schedule Classes - 6th through 12th Grade (On Campus classes taught August-May)

Annual Tuition for Liber Studies (Mentoring, Math, English, Science, Leadership, Social Studies, P.E.) $4,000

Math - 6th and 7th Grade Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trig/Calculus (based upon interest)

English -  Literature, Writing, Grammar 6th-12th Grade

Science - Life Science, Biology, Human Anatomy, Chemistry 6th - 12th Grade - Rotating Schedule

Leadership- Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy 6th-12th Grade - Rotating Schedule

Social Studies - US History, US Govt and Econ, World Civ/Geography, World History 6th- 12th Grade - Rotating 



Flexible Schedule Classes - 10th through 12th Grade Only (On Campus Classes taught August-May)

Science - Biology, Human Anatomy, Chemistry - Rotating Schedule $750
History and the Constitution  - Garret Smith Primary Mentor   $500
Leadership $500
Math $750
Literature - Brian Knox Primary Mentor $675
History - Brian Knox Primary Mentor $675

Elective Classes:  

Art  $TBD 

Certified Veterinary Assisting Program

Open Student Enrollment (25 student maximum)  

Robotics - (additional fee for supplies)  


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