Our Principles

Join a community of families that are committed to lifelong learning
and preparing our future leaders for the challenges to come.

Come fall in love with the journey and ascend to new heights to welcome tomorrow's sunrise.


God is the source of all truth and there are natural laws that, when studied and followed, elevate individuals, families and communities.


Every person is responsible for his or her own education-- to seek out and engage in unique educational opportunities that will aid in the discovery of the true self, prepare for the contributions each was born to make, and lift, lead and invite others to do the same.


The commitment of engaged parents with the guidance of inspiring mentors are invaluable in the student's pursuit of a great education.


Freedom and liberty rely on neighbors voluntarily serving neighbors, and citizens understanding and promoting principles of good government.

  • We honor agency and choice. People are happier and will learn more enthusiastically and efficiently when given freedom to make choices.
  • We honor classics, in all areas of study and in all forms. There are many types of classics-works that encourage the unfolding process.
  • We honor the basic roles of gender. Boys and girls have different missions and learn differently.
  • We honor the personal and fundamental connection to a higher power. Every person has their own spiritual beliefs, and these beliefs are central to their personal studies.
  • We honor individual mission. And we believe that education should be tailored to prepare individuals for their life's work.
  • We honor the relationships among all fields of study. History connects, and gives exposure and depth to, every subject.
  • We honor the cycles of life. Cycles help us understand human nature, the world around us, and the world that came before us. Every person travels their own unique path, which should be respected.
  • We honor the essential role of living mentors. The principal living mentors for each student are his or her parents. Outside mentors are helpful as a support to parents and a valuable resource in the unfolding process.
  • We honor each person's unfolding. As students begin the path, they are encouraged to explore, create and do-to experience a breadth and a love for learning. Those who are ready for more academic rigor are expected to submit to a mentor, and be self-directed, as they study in even more breadth and some depth.
  • We honor the vital role of the family in the process of education. Learning is a family activity, as much as a personal pursuit. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in classes that complement their mentoring at home.