Why Ascend?

Join a community of families that are committed to lifelong learning and preparing our future leaders for the challenges to come. Come fall in love with the journey, ascend to new heights, and welcome tomorrow's sunrise.

Conversing with the Great Minds

Interact with and learn from the great minds of all areas of art, music, literature, religion, government, science, math, business, and philosophy.

Helping humanity

Service freely rendered benefits both the receiver and the giver. Prepare to change the world by positively affecting the lives of others.

Lead through History

A multi-year rotating study of history leads the curriculum. Learn about past people, ideas, works, events, and places in order to better see the present and prepare for the future.

Portals to higher learning

Open the doors to lifelong learning with a mission-based education that anticipates the need to account for and meet potential entrance requirements for higher education.

Reclaiming sacred honor

Understand what it meant for our nation's forefathers to pledge their sacred honor and sacrifice to create a society built on lasting values and principles. Experience the application of those principles in our families and communities to solve the challenges of our day.